Premium Drinks Demand Premium Quality Glasses

When you are looking to maximise revenue through your drinks with a higher end offering, the right presentation is as key as the taste.

Customers love a cocktail, a little something different, a luxurious looking drink for their pub experience and they are not afraid to pay for it but how can you ensure you get it right?

The appearance of their glass is the first thing a customer will notice, much before the colourful drink you’ve just made.


  • Does it look clean?
  • Does it smell nice?
  • Is it at the right temperature?
  • Is it free from bloom and other stains like lipstick?

If your glasses are perceived as dirty, then a large number of people will never come back to your pub and all your effort will be wasted as well as your reputation tarnished.

Buying an array of glasses for your pub or bar is a significant investment and is part of a multi-faceted approach required to offer premium drinks correctly and to establish yourself as the ‘Go-to’ destination.

These glasses will need proper care and regular renovation to ensure they look the part when you are serving up your best Cosmopolitan. Training your team in the importance of properly prepared and cared-for glassware will pay dividends

Why Should Glasses Be Renovated?

Even with the best quality glass washing detergents and rinse aids, in quality machines, it is inevitable that you will still need to

Renovate your glasses regularly to keep them in as-new condition.
Over time non-rinseable films will develop as a side-effect of using rinse aids which leave a very small amount of residue on the side of the glass.

Rinse aids work well as they reduce the surface tension of water making it slide off the side of the glass into the bottom of the machine. After a time though, non-rinsing film builds up it will trap small amounts of proteins, yeast residue, water hardness salts and tannins. When these deposits reach a certain level they begin to impact the behaviour of the drink in the glass.

Lipstick and lemon


film build up

How Often Should Glasses Be Renovated?

Glasses should be renovated on a roughly bi-monthly basis. The best way to find out if your glasses need to be renovated is to perform the quick and easy water break test:

  • Fill a glass with water to the brim and then empty it out.
  • Carefully dry the outside of the glass to remove any surface water, do not touch the inside of the glass and try not to knock the glass.

If the glass is clean then the water will fall out of the glass in a continuous sheet, but if there are spots, drips and dots of water left behind in the inside of the glass then it shows that the non-rinseable films are present and starting to build up.

What Types of Renovate Are There?

There are two styles of Glass Renovation chemical on the market, powder and liquid. Both have different usage methods and while working to give the same results have their pro’s & con’s.

Powder – stable and long lasting. It can be used as a stand-alone product out of opening hours ensuring all glasses are renovated at the same time

Liquid – a much stronger chemical and is used within the cleaning cycle of your washing machine.
What to look out for.

As with all things chemical, over-use of the product will have an adverse effect on the quality of the serve if the chemicals are used so often they begin to erode the glass.

If used properly and at the correct frequency Renovate products will keep your glasses in perfect condition for their whole life cycle saving you money and ensuring perfect presentation and taste.
Now that’s something to raise a glass to!