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Andrew is our product technical professional, and is a fountain of product knowledge. With over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality, hygiene and laundry chemical sector he is able to answer your questions about product usages, requirements and compatibility with ease. Andrew along with our resident chemist can also take enquiries to assist the user in getting the best performance from the product range.



Claire has previous hands-on experience, having previously worked for Whitbread’s for more than five years. Now based within the chemical industry she has all round experience. With a sales head on, she is happy to help with product knowledge and its benefits of use, but leaves the more technical stuff to the boys.



Mark is our brew guru. Mark has been brewing for more than 30 years. A Beer Sommelier with a passion for his craft he has for many years run meet the brewer events to pass on his knowledge about the history of beer, the brewing process and how to assess and express the flavour combinations of beers.

A member of the Institute of Brewers and Distillers, The Beer Academy and the Brewing and Pubs group. A well respected voice within the industry with a career with Samuel Smith’s, Marsdon’s and Everards breweries. It is fair to say he is absolutely passionate about all things beer from brew to serve.

Mark is the go-to man for anything related to pairing beer with food. He believes the future of the industry lies with the artisans and that incentivising the workforce will drive up the quality of serve, the customer experience and the profit margins.

To find out more about Mark’s experience click here and about his new venture The Beer Hub please see below


The Beer Hub

The Beer Hub offers a range of services to brewing industry and the licenced trade. It offers training and consultancy services in the brewing process, food safety, quality assurance systems, customer facing meet the brewer events and staff training.

Neale Chandler edit


Neale Chandler is our very own landlord – and so much more! He has a wealth of experience running pubs in the UK as well as owning a number of restaurants and night clubs in his native South Africa.

A well as working at the retail end of things Neale also has worked in the corporate arena, most recently as Ops Manager and then Retail Director for Joules.

Nowadays, Neale runs The Kings Arms in Eccleshall near Stoke on Trent. As well as being a landlord he owns a consultancy service called Pubwiser ( The thrust of it is to offer key services to new landlords. He advises fledgling landlords on all areas of service delivery. Inexperience can be the undoing of many a potentially brilliant landlord and pub. Neale’s invaluable guidance helps new landlords launch and grow their businesses as efficiently as possible by reducing wastage, increasing profits and building a quality offering. For more information on how Neale helps new landlords, visit our introductory blog

Denis Cronin edit


Denis Cronin is a Senior Product Specialist with Anderco ( and has over 20 years’ of in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Supporting many major breweries across Ireland, Denis is focused on supporting his clients by offering technical expertise and through his work with leading manufacturers that offer quality chemicals to the hospitality industry.

His strong product knowledge, coupled with his experience of the demands of the hospitality sector means he is ideally placed to offer advice on the most effective way to ensure the perfect serve.

Denis’ expertise also lies in processes and procedures required to increase the outlets reputation and profit margins. He is keen to promote the use of CellarCraft best practices and ensuring the Perfect Serve across Ireland. You can contact Denis directly at or use the contact form below with any queries that will be distributed to the full team.

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Derek Maher is our expert in all matters pertaining to glassware. Derek is the managing director of Crystaltech Services (UK) Limited ( ). Derek’s team of 55 engineers have been servicing glass and dishwashers in the UK since the 1980’s.

Derek also has vast experience in the development of cleaning chemicals and is at the forefront of developing a chlorine-based chemical for the renovation and everyday cleaning of glassware. Derek is a keen advocate of the fact that how glassware is cleaned directly affects the quality of serve.

As an ambassador to Cask Marque ( he promotes best practice processes in the care and maintenance of glassware and glaswashers and is the author of the industry standards for glassware as laid out in the annual beer quality report

Contact Derek at or use the form below for advice and guidance on any aspect of glass care.

Brett Cellar Craft


It’s fair to say that beer is Brett Lanoish’s life-long passion. An educationalist of 30 years standing, Brett now runs the Beer Consultancy delivering services to both breweries and pubs, helping them make the most of the craft beer revolution. We are delighted that he has joined the CellarCraft team.

Brett has many years’ service under his belt with CAMRA and was their National Director for 11 years. He was responsible for setting up the Beer Scoring Scheme in 2003, which has proved invaluable to CAMRA branches in assessing beer quality for the Good Beer Guide.

The Beer Consultancy (see below) is an entertaining and informative education programme. It trains brewers, publicans and staff on all things beer including how to effectively promote beer in your pub, how to get and stay in the Good Beer Guide and ultimately how to make more sales.

So, if you have any questions about how to make the best of your beer sales, contact Brett directly at or fill out the enquiry form below. You can find Brett on Facebook. You can also find more information on our blog.

beer consultancy

Brett Laniosh Beer Consultancy offers training and consultancy services to the licensed trade which include knowledge about beer and how to look after it. This is delivered in pubs and breweries.

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