Top 5 Tips on improving Yield

In the current climate we all know how important it is to ensure business is running effectively and efficiently to ensure the bottom line. Ticking over has little shelf life, it’s important to maintain a growth trajectory to ensure long term success.

This long term success relies heavily on the management and analysis of every part of your business. Stocktakes are critical and one of the most important Key Performance Indicators is Yield – the ability to convert as much stock as possible into money in the till.

It is incredibly easy to squander high sales on ineffective yield management. However, a few tweaks here and there will ensure you are maximising profits.

5 things to micro manage

  • Beer Line Cleaning

Regular beer line cleaning, as per manufacturer’s instructions is a must. To elongate this in order to save time and money is a false economy. The build-up of yeast in the lines will lead to fobbing a wastage. You will enjoy a much higher yield if you regularly clean your lines.

  • Temperature

Always ensure your beer is being served at the correct temperature. It ensures the proper lifespan of your beer and protects the proper taste experience for the customer. Beer at the wrong temperature is a fast-track to wastage.

  • Throughput

According to the Beer Quality Report 2016  it is the norm for only 20% of the taps to do the majority of the volumes in UK pubs.

Once broached, the quality of the beer deteriorates. Serving a beer that has been on too long risks your reputation as well as wastage – literally pouring money down the drain.

Think about how many taps you have on the go and whether this can be narrowed down to improve throughput. Adjusting regularly and keeping an eye on throughput, taking into account seasonal and local demand will help your bottom line.

  • Look to your staff

Pouring a pint should not result in a drip tray being awash. Training your staff to pour without wastage will do wonders for your yield.

Extend this training to include wine served by the glass and any postmix systems will also help.

Being careful with measures will significantly affect your yield as well as your margins.

  • Cellar Management

Having an efficient cellar management system in place will help with improving your yield. From temperature, efficient stock rotation to using tilting stillages on cask – all will save you money and get the most out of your stock.

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Remember, it’s all the little things, done every day which will make the pennies turn into pounds.


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