Quality Report findings are a must read for the trade

The Vianet Beer Quality Report 2017 is out and as usual is packed with useful information to help the industry maximise both the quality of serve and profits.

The section on glassware was of particular interest as the way the treatment of glass affects the serve is something we come across regularly.

How your glassware affects your serve

The report outlines the problems that can lead to:

  • Flat beer
  • ‘Off’ aromas
  • Poor appearance
  • Collapsing heads

A massive 90% of a poorly performing pint can be blamed on the glass it is served in. The report explains the problems and what to do to avoid their occurrence.

Cool as

Beer needs to be served in a cool glass. Nothing will rob a pint of its glory like a warm glass https://cellarcraftuk.com/flaming-lips-ruining-drink-2 , and as the report cites 6 out of 10 customers are annoyed at being handed a warm glass it’s worth looking at.

It is a challenge in a very busy bar, but it is essential to avoid using a glass straight out of the glasswasher before it has properly cooled.

Using the best quality detergents is helpful in the drying process. High quality Rinse Aids are especially good at speeding up drying.

Film night

After a period of time a residue or film builds up on the glass that detergents cannot completely remove. This will have a massive affect on the performance of the serve. These residues need to be taken care with a regular Renovate treatment. This removes all grease and dirt deposits, as well as getting rid of any blooms https://cellarcraftuk.com/tips-avoid-glass-bloom . New glassware should be renovated before it goes into service to get rid of manufacturing residue.

Be kind to your equipment

A lot of glassware problems are caused by the glasswasher; the way it is used and maintained is of vital importance to the quality of serve. Daily and weekly cleaning routines for your glasswasher will pay dividends. Removing all foodstuffs and only putting glass in and not mixing in any crockery makes for the most effective clean.  Find out more advice on good glass care here https://cellarcraftuk.com/dos-donts-good-glass-care

In summary

The report suggests that good staff training and clear routines are an imperative to maintain the quality of the serve.

Read the full report here http://cask-marque.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/00006_FSC-Beer-Quality-Report-Vianet-A4-Spreads_Email-290317.pdf

For more information about common glassware problems, how they are caused and what to do about them please read our recent article. https://cellarcraftuk.com/common-problems-affect-glassware

You can also download our complete guide to best practice below which is packed with easy to follow advice, including how to perform a break test on glassware to ensure it is clean

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