Line Cleaning is Serious Business

It was the AB InBev Report 2004 and Cask Ales in 2015 that reported on the statistics that the average annual spend per person in the pub is £967. If they have a bad experience and tell 6 of their friends, that’s that’s a potential loss of £6,769.

However, beerline cleaner is a highly dangerous substance if used improperly. A strict cleaning and risk regime should be followed to protect customers, especially after high profile cases of people’s lives being put at risk from drinking contaminated beverages.

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Few people in the trade will not be familiar with the story of David Caminal and the Conservatory bar in Leeds. In July 2015 the Spanish film director asked for a taste of Sunbeam beer, unaware that the lines were being cleaned at the time. A new member of staff had turned the pump badge back outwards thinking the reason it was turned inwards was a mistake.

The task of cleaning lines should never be performed whilst you are also serving drinks and should be finished before you open and start service.

Give it respect

So how do you protect your customers and staff and avoid seriously maiming or even killing someone?

  • Staff should always wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles to protect themselves from the chemicals.
  • Make sure you have a full COSHH policy in place for all chemicals you use.
  • Make sure all staff are fully trained and made aware of when line cleaning should take place.
  • Use an easy to identify sign or warning system to show which lines are being cleaned and when.
  • Use of a coloured beer line cleaner will enable staff and customers to recognise if their drink is contaminated.
  • Use beerline cleaner test papers to show when the lines are clear of solution.

There is no doubt that a high quality of line cleaner will not only work more effectively, but will allow staff to recognise if something is amiss/contaminated. If you have questions about your current line cleaner or would like more information on the range of products available, just ask the CellarCraft guru 

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