Great glassware puts you on the map

Speaking volumes with stylish glassware.

An article this week from the Morning Advertiser about glassware and customer expectation piqued our interest with some really interesting quotes from leading industry experts, and the importance of the right glassware for your drinks range to give you both the correct taste and perfect aesthetic.

Aesthetics and their affect on profits

Buying an array of glasses for your pub or bar is a significant investment and is part of a multi-faceted approach required to offer premium drinks correctly and to establish yourself as the ‘Go-to’ destination.
Along with proper line cleaning, the type of glass used and how well it is cared for is paramount in ensuring drink quality. Thankfully, long gone are the days of if it wasn’t a pint it was served in a Paris goblet. These days, great aesthetics combine with innovative design technology to make the most of any style of drink. Staff training is essential for understanding why certain types of glasses are used and which ones you should use to give the best results for each drink.

Taking care of your investment

Proper attention to glass care is also one of the essential parts of any staff training strategy. Ensuring the quality of glass cleaning both elongates the lifespan of the glass and avoids any tainting of the drinks. New glasses can stay looking fantastic when you look after them carefully. Nothing is going to put a customer off like the perception that a glass is not clean. Prewash treatments like Quash to remove stains like lipstick are definitely useful, as is a quarterly treatment with a product such as Renovate. Everyone wants to receive a drink in a glass that sparkles!

Glass care and a great drinks menu doesn’t guarantee a superb tasting drink. Strict cleaning regimes to ensure and maintain quality is an equally important part of the whole process.

Ask the experts if you have any queries about keeping your glassware in tip top condition.

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