Glasses are cloudy or have spots or streaks


  • Hard water in the wash and rinse tank can leave a cloudy halo on your glassware
  • Hard water salts and deposits not washed or rinsed away will leave spots and streaks on the glass after they dry
  • Blocked jets or filters will mean deposits are not washed or rinsed away
  • A wash temperature that exceeds 55° or a rinse temperature exceeding 65° will cause deposits to bake onto the glass
  • Detergent and rinse aid concentrations are too low (recommended levels should be 0.3%-0.5% vol/vol for detergent and 0.03%-0.05% for rinse aid)

What to do

  • Fit water softener to incoming water supply and regenerate if already fitted
  • Carry out daily maintenance checks and clean all filters and rinse jets
  • Check wash and rinse tank temperatures
  • Check detergent and rinse aid bottles are connected properly
  • Enlist an engineer to service your glass washer and check the temperature and chemical dosing settings.

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