Dropping the C Bomb – it’s just around the corner!

Oh yes, the time is almost nigh – Christmas is lurking. It’s a great time of year – mad busy, with the jingle of sleigh bells matching the jingle of cash in the tills.

In amongst the planning of the menu, featured drinks, entertainment and decorations, it’s worth spending time planning your cellar and bar hygiene regime before the crush starts.

How to avoid disaster

Before the rush truly starts, it pays to plan in some cleaning jobs now to keep everything truly clean over the festive season.

Cellar and Bar Hygiene

  • Schedule your weekly beer line cleans so everyone knows when it’s going to happen
  • If you have booked the service technician for your soda dispense system give it a line clean with diluted line cleaner (0.2-0.5% dilution)
  • Soak all your nozzles, sprinklers etc.
  • Give your cellar a good clean, including keg couplers, Cleaning Ring Main attachments, Cask dipsticks, Cask Shives and Keystones


  • Now might be a good time to renovate your glassware to make sure they are free of anything that might cause bloom right when you need it least.

Ice Ice Baby

  • Time to get those ice machines, buckets, scoops and tongs thoroughly clean. They are susceptible to mould, some rather nasty bacteria and limescale. The run-up to the festive period is the time to thoroughly clean and service your ice machine so it will go the distance.

Dish and Glasswashing

  • Before the rush, it’s worth getting your washers serviced.  Not only does it minimise the chances of them konking out at the worst moment, a good service will ensure they are operating optimally. This has the double advantage of being both energy efficient and giving you the quickest turn-around for your glassware and tableware.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • In this time of hectic festive cheer for your staff, a short hygiene best-practice pow-wow reminder session helps to keep things running smoothly.

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What’s on your Christmas List?

If the following items are on your list for Santa, we will judge you.  Best order these in advance and then you know you’re covered and can look forward to more interesting things in your stocking!

  • Beer line cleaner
  • Glass and dishwasher detergent and rinse aid
  • Glass renovator
  • Sanitising Spray