The Alternative Bar Snack

Bar snacks are an essential part of any pub.  They offer owners the opportunity to secure incremental sales and margin at every visit, are part of the overall customer experience, and are a good pairing for a nice cold drink.

An interesting range of options is essential as consumers taste buds have become more refined and the modern pub customer will expect foods that complement their dietary choices through to indulgent options.

Traditionally bar snacks have focused on crisps, nuts and pork scratchings, however new research has shown that, when choosing a bar snack, 55% of 18-34 year old consumers look for more health-conscious foods. 

These figures certainly fit with the food trends that are coming out of the dining scene with the rise of healthier options.

Landlords should look to build a range with which the brands and products suit the style and customer base of their bars and pubs. Looking at this demographic and what you sell currently will help give you the right data to analyse what you should offer.

Bear in mind that over half of 18-34 year old consumers are looking for something new and different when purchasing bar snacks.

High-protein meat snacks like Jack Link’s Jerky, easily taps into this trend. This Jerky is crafted from premium strips of lean beef and has been produced by the Links family for 130 years.

Jerky’s popularity is increasing globally as a tasty alternative to traditionally high in fat and salt crisps and nuts.

Don’t be afraid to get some samples from suppliers and gather your team together for a taste test. This way you can get a good cross section overview of what your team think and cross reference it with your customer data.

Ensure your staff are fully aware of your snack offering, and how to sell it to your customers as an add on to maximise yield

This will help make your snack offering a tasty success!


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